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According to statistics, Malaysia has a high mobile penetration rate at 144.8% and on average1, each person signs up for 1.5 mobile service packages, with 71% of the population spending more than 5 hours on the internet every day2. In 2020, the ratio of customers using smart phones to access the internet peaked at 98.7%3, a clear indication that mobile facilities and internet access play a vital role in the daily lives of the people.

This is also why 44% of the companies in Southeast Asia have identified digital transformation as their top priority4. They want to reach out to their target customers, carry out their operations and expand their markets through the most effective way, and at the lowest possible cost. This is exactly what you need too.

The mobile solution of iSentric——Mobility2U is an award-winning SMS messaging platform. Our solution covers all types of mobile connectivity, aiming to fulfil various customer needs in SMS messaging and email marketing segments, while serving as a powerful communications tool for marketers to keep in touch with their customers.

Digital age is revolutionising lives. Seize the opportunities now, let us help to grow your business.

Web SMS Broadcast

The small screen of mobile phone is the new battleground for e-commerce.

Do you want to bring your promotion campaign to your customers? Share information about your company’s latest updates with more than 10,000 users? Or simply remind the public to pay attention to their personal hygiene?

The Web SMS Broadcast of iSentric can definitely serve as your best tool.

Our Web SMS Broadcast allows you to send SMS messages to your target customers via our Web Portal. There is no coding skill needed at all. By going through just four simple steps, you can send out a precise and concise SMS message in no time.

This flexible and low-cost service allows you to reach the recipients directly and offers support to SMS contents in different languages (normal text or Unicode characters). You can customize your SMS template based on your own needs, and even have personalised display of other variables such as recipient’s name, order number, gift voucher code and so on. The SMS message can also be sent to tens of thousands of target customers in one go.

Top 8 advantages of iSentric’s Web SMS Broadcast:

  1. No installation of any other software or hardware is needed in the process.
  2. Easy to use without involving any coding skills.
  3. Any message about promotions, notices or business developments can be sent directly to the customers’ mobile phones.
  4. Credit deduction mechanism allows you to achieve effective cost control.
  5. Automated retry mechanism to ensure completeness of message.
  6. It supports SMS contents in various languages.
  7. It supports Malaysian and international mobile phone numbers.
  8. Fast, safe, reliable.

iSentric’s Web SMS Broadcast is the creative solution for your marketing needs. Let us take your daily operations and marketing campaigns to the next level.

Want to try something new with our Web SMS Broadcast? Please contact us now for further information.

Bulk API

People are either asleep or connected. The mobile revolution is here.

Do you know Malaysia has a mobile phone penetration rate of 133.6%5, and 90% of its mobile phone users will read text messages within three minutes from the time of receipt? In the first quarter of 2020 alone, the total number of SMS messages sent within the country stood at 974.6 million5. This is one of the many reasons why SMS marketing is well-received by marketers and business operators.

From the OTP for online payment and bank transfer, authentication for game account registration, notice of follow-up appointment to the delivery status of online shopping, Bulk API helps you to embrace a sophisticated digital commerce experience and manage your marketing effort with ease.

iSentric’s Bulk API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to connect directly to our gateway, and send out SMS messages to your target customers via your own platform, system or mobile application.

The highly flexible Bulk API can be easily integrated into other systems. You can also customize your interface based on your own needs or your customers’ requirements in order to facilitate the management process.

The technical features of iSentric’s Bulk API:

  1. Connect to Application Programming Interface (API) via HTTP/HTTPS, Web Services Description Language (WSDL), SMPP, UCP, CIMD2
  2. Specific routing based on the telco value
  3. Asynchronous processing Message Scheduling
  4. Audit Trail
  5. Online reporting modules
  6. iSentric application layer conforms to the BNM GPIS1 guidelines.

Bulk API does not only help you to send messages. It also brings automated process to a greater extent for you to maintain good communications and interactions with your customers while contributing to effective management of your manpower and other resources. Please contact us now for further information on Bulk API.

Managed Service Blasting

Personalization is about relevant content. Email marketing creates valuable, personal touches at scale.

Thinking of expanding your business via automated marketing? Or reaching out to the maximum number of customers at sustainable cost? iSentric’s Managed Service Blasting may just be the ideal digital tool for you.

Simply send us your email content, attached with a list of your customers’ contacts. Our outsourcing team will then create the professional email for you. It is as easy as ABC.

From newsletters (updates, special offers, product launches), autoresponders (thank you emails, payment notices, confirmations of bookings) to transactional emails (receipts for purchases, transfer notices, sale and purchase records), our one-stop outsourcing services make sure all your marketing needs are taken care of.

We can deliver your emails at the right timing as you wish, prevent them from being treated as spam, and reduce your email bounce rate, so that your messages will reach the customers’ mail boxes safely.

The advantages of iSentric’s Managed Service Blasting:

  1. The service is provided by a professional outsourcing team to make your work simple and easy.
  2. Automated marketing mode saves time and resources.
  3. Affordable price with excellent efficiency.
  4. Automated system of responding to customers reduces delays.
  5. Prevent emails from being treated as spam.
  6. Can send out emails at the best timing.
  7. Detailed reports for your reference: Number of clicks, email open rate, statistics of your email campaign, audience reach, view, bounce rate etc.

Be it a government agency, business entity, non-profit organization or small and medium enterprise (SME), iSentric’s Managed Service Blasting is the perfect choice for your email marketing campaign. Start your campaign now and let our team handle the job for you.

2-Way SMS

Don’t just build links. Build relationships.

Thinking of having a two-way conversation with your customers? Or allowing the audience to leave comments on TV screen? Or creating automated responses for customer inquiries?

iSentric’s 2-way SMS can serve as a bridge between you and your customers for you to explore customer needs through interactions made possible by digital technology and create more business opportunities.

For various activities such as interactive marketing, contests, questionnaire surveys, penalty checks, credit card fraud notifications and instant text message replies, 2-Way SMS can offer much convenience to your daily operations.

Besides, our 2-Way SMS can also be seamlessly integrated with your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, software or any Apps for creating automated workflow. The customers and users, basing on their own feedback and two-way interaction, can enjoy a more personalized shopping experience at the same time.

The technical features of iSentric’s 2-Way SMS:

  1. Rich media deliveries
  2. Low cost, high ROI
  3. More personalized customer experience
  4. More active customer engagement
  5. Closer relationship between business and customers
  6. Execution of direct and more effective two-way communications
  7. Dynamically customized content
  8. Detailed reports for your reference: Number of clicks, open rate, statistics of your campaign, engagement etc.

Listen to the voices and views of the customers and drive business growth by employing digital technology. Please contact our professional team now so that we can bring you the most reliable and practical 2-Way SMS Solution.

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